Art Passion

di Guido Wannenes
Wine is one of the greatest signs of civilization in the world

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God bless America

by Alessandro Secciani

Thought and action

by Luca Violo

Rhinoceros. Eternal & Contemporary

di Roberta Olcese
Our Foundation will be the branch of the Hermitage in Rome

Salmacis and Hermafroditus. The painful and cruel voluptuousness

by Riccardo Lattuada
At the age of fifteen, Hermaphroditus, son of Hermes and Aphrodite

God Bless America

by Alessandro Secciani
America, America and only America.

A short Vademecum for Art Collectors

by Giuseppe Calabi
Due to its delicacy and value, an art object is usually considered a “precious thing”.

Thought and Action

di Luca Violo
The main trait characterising Vittorio Cini the collector are his wide intellectual and collecting interests.

Wine & Spirits is born When taste becomes knowledge

Remaining faithful to the principle of excellence in service and competence

Governing tourism to save the polis

di Tomaso Montanari
Paraphrasing Danilo Dolci’s words, one could say that the problem is not

Beauty shines with silver splendour

by Tommaso Teardo

Ginori in Doccia: candid perfection

by Luca Melegati

Furnishing with eclectic imagination

by Mauro Tajocchi

Gioielli semplicemente il meglio

di Benedetta Romanini e Teresa Scarlata

Un’ argentea Fenice imperiale

by Daniele Ricci

Oltre a Caravaggio

by Antonio Gesino

Alfredo Luxoro. Una conchiglia piena di simboli

by Rosanna Nobilitato

Modernamente controcorrente

Guido Vitali, Massimo Vecchia

Sottsass & Meccani. Una Liana di fantasia

by Andrea Schito

Il Barolo Giacomo Conterno Monfortino. Classiche armonie

The Monfortino, a rare and refined Barolo of the generation of historic vigneron,