Giulio Paolini. We are all extras.

by Luca Violo
Is the artist a player or a witness? We are all extras, doubles images…

The Achille Castiglioni Foundation. A House of Ideas

by Giovanna and Carlo Castiglioni
The Castiglioni architectural studio was started in 1936 by di Livio Castiglioni, the elder of the Castiglioni brothers…

Donatello. Master of masters

Florence celebrates Donatello “master of masters” and symbolic artist of the Renaissance…

Nel blu dipinto di blu

Thomas Gainsborough’s The Blue Boy is a full-length portrait of the painter’s grandson, Gainsborough Dupont (1754-1797)….

PAGANI Ignite passion

Interview with Horacio Pagani by Luca Violo
The car is the essence of modernity, the very icon of speed….

ADI. The compass of taste

Interview with Giuseppe Finessi by Francesco Andreucci
Design is an icon of Made in Italy in the world, together with fashion…

Quirinale. House of Inspiration

Renata Cristina Mazzantini & Francesco Colalucci
The Quirinal Palace is a stratification of art, history, and ecclesiastical, royal and civil power

The Vatican museums. Between wonder and amazement

Interview with Barbara Jatta
How did the Vatican Museums come into being?

Sculpture Theater, l’opera del Duomo di Firenze

by Timothy Verdon
Since its inauguration on October 29th, the New Opera del Duomo Museum in Florence

Rolex “Padellone”. Uniqueness is great

Between 1948 and 1952, Rolex produced a rare model known worldwide as…

Rolex Winner. Unique and victorious

Rolex has always been a great supporter of motor sports. In fact,…

Kashmir. The origin of beauty

The Kashmir sapphire is the most famous type of sapphire in the…

Jewellery. Wearing the dream

The flamboyant and uninhibited Hollywood star May West

Rolex Daytona. Time runs fast

The Rolex Daytona, a milestone in watchmaking, is a watch loved by…

The Soul is Full of Colour

The web-only auction dedicated to paintings of Soviet Realism running until 12…

Propaganda & Power

The art of propaganda in the 72-year history of the Soviet Union…

Tancredi. The color of emotion

One of the most original and intense interpreters of the Italian art…

Bahman Mohasses. The abyss of the soul

There is a small group of artists who experience creative expression as…

ESG. A dream for the markets

Alessandro Secciani
To make the stock markets fly you need a dream.

Heritage: the future of a collection

Giuseppe Calabi
The frontiers of collecting are endless. However, collections..