CAMERA. Photography is both unique and global

The CAMERA Foundation, through its heterogeneous proposals, has allowed the public and us first to get to know different expressions, different photographic modes and worlds, which compared to the documentary and testimonial (…)

MOA. Italy’s first watch house

The idea came from the need to establish a museum of large and small watchmaking in Italy, and at the same time to bring this extraordinary art closer to the general public. (…)

Frederick Stibbert, armed with overwhelming passion

The initial element was studying, which revolved around his interests, and starting with armoury, which in the beginning was the dominant sector, and then costumes, painting and the other arts (…)

Museo Casa Mollino. Nothing is like it seems

di Francesco Andreucci
This house-museum is intended as a key to understanding the spirit that animated Mollino. Of course, it is not easy to describe such an atypical and multifaceted character, who lived in secrecy, surrounded by mystery. (…)

Accorsi – Ometto. Museum of Aristocratic Innocence

by Luca Violo
It is a sort of museum of ‘aristocratic innocence’ of the highest level, rich in memories, romantic, because it has stopped in time a certain taste that today is difficult to recount and replicate (…)

The look of a connoisseur – Fondazione Zeri

by Andrea Bacchi
The Federico Zeri Foundation was established in September 1999, at the behest of the University of Bologna (…)

Fornasetti joy de vivre

by Barnaba Fornasetti
There’s almost certainly in all of us a childish side and in the works of my father…

Villa Panza. To be lived and shared

by Anna Bernardini
Villa Panza,whose origins date back to the seventeenth century, is a treasure chest ..

Palazzo Colonna. Eternal beauty

by Patrizia Piergiovanni
What makes walking through the sumptuous halls of a historic residence a unique and fascinating experience?

Giulio Paolini. We are all extras.

by Luca Violo
Is the artist a player or a witness? We are all extras, doubles images…