Valuation Service

Wannenes auctions offer a unique selling opportunity for those with valuable items. An exceptional team of experts and an attentive Customer Service will guide and advise you through all stages of valuation, acquisition of the consignment and the final sale. With four offices in Milan, Genoa, Rome and Monte Carlo, and a choice of live, web-only and private sales, we are able to meet your needs and achieve maximum results.

To obtain a free and confidential valuation simply:
– Fill in a form asking for information about the artwork in your possession
– Attach some pictures and any additional documents
– Send all the information to our Valuation Service

If the proposed works fall within the categories of our Departments, we will be happy to offer you an estimate and the opportunity to obtain the best return.


Breguet and Vacheron Costantin. The charm of complexity

Louis Breguet is considered the Leonardo da Vinci of watchmaking, the founder in 1755 of one of the oldest and most prestigious Swiss brands still in business,[..]

Musical fruit knives. The sound of beauty

Musical fruit knives have always been regarded as particularly rare and precious technical marvels, destined for the collections of refined and exclusive[..]

Painting small

Judged a minor genre, the miniature as a small portrait played an important role from an artistic point of view, with social and sentimental implications that[..]