Pietro Chiesa. Complex simplicity

by Valerio Terraroli The rigour of the lines, the neatness of the crystal glass sheets, engraved with a lozenge motif in the secessionist style, its complex simplicity make this bar cabinet a truly exceptional piece of Italian design in the mid 1930s. The monogram "FX” is engraved in the internal wooden cladding, as the ancient master craftsmen used to do. It is the "Fontana Arte" by Pietro Chiesa, one of the most original and inventive Italian proto designers of the twentieth century. He was able to combine refined artisanship and industrial entrepreneurship, never losing sight of the essence of "Italian style": glamour. [caption id="attachment_940158" align="aligncenter" width="533"] Pietro Chiesa, Mobile bar, ottone e ottone nichelato, cristallo molato e specchiato, legnoFontana Arte,…