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Totems & Taboos. The fluid form of contemporaneity

On the occasion of Milano Design City – an event commissioned by the City of Milan to re-launch it as an international reference point for the culture of design, involving the highest institutions and districts in the field of design and creativity – HoperAperta and 5Vie Art + Design presented the exhibition Totem e Tabù ovvero Il Mondo Capovolto. The exhibition was held inside two of our exhibition halls in Palazzo Recalcati, from 5 to 11 October 2020. It is a collection of installations-objects conceived as unique pieces that reinterpret the relationship between totemic figures and aesthetic taboos in the contemporary world, between the structure of everyday objects and the poetic imagination of the work of art.
On show are the works of art design by Angela Ardisson, Maurizio Barberis, Alfonso Femia / AF* Design, Dario Ghibaudo, Duccio Grassi, Steve Piccolo, Davide Valoppi /Studio Noarc, Alberto Vannetti.

An open, plural exhibition that confronted the Babelic languages of 21st century form, a tangible sign of Wannenes’ desire to participate as actively as possible in Milanese cultural life.
HoperAperta is a cultural platform, a project shared by several actors, architects, designers, artists and curators, invited to collaborate on a common path to connect different skills, art, project and high craftsmanship. For the 2020 edition, the eight authors involved will discuss the Totems & Taboos theme, each proposing a different story and their own vision of the world.
5VIE Art+Design is a non-profit cultural association founded in 2014 with the aim of relaunching the historic centre of Milan.
For this project, the association liaises with the City of Milan and with an exceptional partner such as Fondazione Cariplo besides commercial activities, dioceses, private foundations, schools and public bodies.