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Ai piedi dell’uomo la trama della storia

by David Sorgato

A carpet tells endless stories. The origin of weaving dates back to the dawn of time. Over the centuries, weaving has been present in almost the entire globe. Therefore, the selection of carpets and antique fabrics that will be presented in the next auction in June is certainly a unique opportunity to get in touch with real rarities of textile art, which have expressed a unique object that transcends time through creativity and passion.
An example of this is a stunning Indian carpet from Agra, northern India, 1880 – 1900, still in good conditions. Famous for their elegance and quality, Agra’s Indian carpets not only adorned the Radjà palaces, but were also commissioned by English nobles to adorn their sitting rooms. This carpet is beautifully decorated with large palm trees and clouds. The auction will also include a very rare Suzani carpet of the second half of the nineteenth century, a Saf prayer rug with a bizarre Turkish – Uzbek poetic inscription against marriage, perhaps by a religious sect who practised celibacy, which recites: “Your youth is a red flower, if you want it to fade, then get married! The fruit of torment does not ripen every year: hey, you, warriors, if you want the fruit of torment to ripen, then get married. If you want thousands of sufferings in your head, then get married”.
Among Caucasian carpets, the Kazan Karapchof carpets with a red background are particularly rare.
The carpet that will be presented in June is characterised by a decidedly unusual edge, its chromatic intensity and its poignant graphic creativity. Carpets of such quality are very rarely presented on the market.