Genoa, 18 December 2007


AISM – The Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association – is today the only organisation in Italy which intervenes 360 degrees in multiple sclerosis. Its commitment is based around three areas for people with MS:

  • promote and provide services on a national and domestic level;
  • represent and assert rights for people suffering from MS;
  • support and promote scientific research

Today, the AISM is the reference point for approximately 65,000 people suffering from multiple sclerosis and for their families. The Association firmly believes that people suffering from the illness have every right to a life that is full and to feel fully integrated into society. For this reason, the Association is active in Italy with more than 10,000 volunteers committed to spreading appropriate and concise information about the illness, sensibilising public opinion, promoting and providing efficient social and health services where the public health service fails to reach. It also promotes fund raising activities in order to support scientific research.
AISM is an ONLUS Charity Organisation that for over forty years has worked all over Italy. Since 1998, it has worked with the FISM, (Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation), also an ONLUS Charity, set up to continue to fund and promote scientific research into the illness. The Honorary President of the AISM and the FISM – from 1986 to 2012 – was the Nobel Award Winner, Rita Levi Montalcini.

The Provincial Headquarters of the AISM of Genoa

The work of the Provincial Headquarters of Genoa is concentrated on providing services that support people suffering from multiple sclerosis in their daily activities enabling them to enjoy a full social life.
There are approximately two hundred multiple sclerosis sufferers (or with related illnesses) in the Province of Genoa who require individual assistance from the Headquarters or who request participation in group activities. 66% of these people are women. Most of the people requiring/requesting assistance resides in the area of Genoa although some also come from neighbouring areas. The degree of disability is generally quite high including people who face considerable difficulties in managing their lives autonomously both at home and outside of their homes. Despite the fact that the illness affects people in the 23-30 year old age range the people who request support are predominantly older. The most frequent age group is from 50 to 70 years of age (62%), but the 30-50 year old age group is also significant (25%), the latter requiring transport and accompanying to the work place. In 2006, the Headquarters in Genoa provided “for free” around 2,500 transport services (about 162, 000 kilometres covered in total) of which 1,864 for commissions, accompanying to work, health reasons, leisure and holidays thanks to the availability of volunteers and young people on social service programmes. Our Headquarters are in Via Operai 44, Genova (the Fiumara area). Tel. 010/46.95.886 – Fax 010/64.25.300 e-mail: