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The Wannenes auction house, founded in 2001 in Genoa, carries out its sales and consultancy activities moving on the one hand in the wake of the great antiquarian tradition, and on the other paying the utmost attention to the great and varied opportunities offered by an increasingly international modern market, and by an increasingly informed collector.
This approach is, moreover, linked to the training of the company’s founder, Guido Wannenes, whose family, of Flemish origin, arrived in the Ligurian capital at the beginning of the 17th century: art dealers, the Wannenes would continue to carry out this activity over the next four centuries, distinguishing themselves for their competence and the prestige of their name.
Today, the company structure includes experts and departments for the most important art and collecting categories, working in close connection with a vast network of art historians, antiquarians, gallery owners, directors of public and private museums, specialized journalists and collectors: new offices were also opened, in Rome in 2003, Milan in 2008, Monte Carlo in 2017 and Turin in 2024, which, together with the network of associates in Italy and abroad, flank the structure of the Genoa headquarters.

Many are the milestones achieved, significant moments in a story pursued with ideational audacity, which has given Wannenes quite a few gratifications, both in house sales – some of which have involved very prestigious residences – and in departmental auctions. Sales by private treaty were also important, as in the case of Ludovico Brea’s large altarpiece depicting the Ascension of Christ acquired by the National Gallery of Palazzo Spinola in Genoa. A characteristic element of the House’s activity is also linked to the creation of Trattative Private & Uniche Proprietà, a department specializing in the management and sale of private properties, which has positioned the company at the top level in the management of art collections in Italy, and which has solicited, attracted and created the interest of the greatest international collectors and curators in a new concept of marketing: 45 thematic auctions since 2009, for a total of more than €42.5 million.

The importance given in recent years to art consulting activities is also important. This allowed the company to impose itself among the partners of banking groups, including international ones, and important legal and consulting firms, both in the role of advisor and evaluator and in that of asset manager of the works examined. In this perspective of continuous improvement of the service offered to clients, the expansion of the Rome office now stands as an unavoidable strong point for further strengthening the company’s position in the market in Central Italy and in the southern regions of our country.


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