A Web-only auction takes place exclusively online on Wannenes website on the page of the auction and of the pages of its lots. To register for the auction, simply enter the Wannenes Plus area with your credentials and fill in the fields on the form on the Join the Auction page. When entering the first offer, you will also be asked to provide a credit card to guarantee your participation.

We remind you that in order to take part in an auction, it is necessary to register a scanned copy of your identity card and tax code at Wannenes Art Auctions srl.

Each lot has a descriptive form, the estimate, the current bid and the remaining closing time to enter a bid. If a bid is placed on a lot within two (2) minutes from its closing, there will be an extension of another two (2) minutes, so that there is always a period of two minutes between the last offer and the closing of the lot. These extensions may continue indefinitely until there is no bidding activity on the lot for a period of two minutes.

Extending the closing time of one lot does not change the closing time of the other lots in the sale, so that it is possible that they will not end in numerical lot order.

During the Wannenes WEB-ONLY auction, participants have two options: either to offer the pre-set bid, which corresponds to the step immediately following the value reached at any given time by the lot, or to indicate the maximum amount that they are willing to offer. In the latter case, the system will raise the minimum necessary and proceed to increase the offer taking into account the competing offers.

Participation in the auction is subject to the purchase limit assigned to the participant.

Lots are awarded to the highest bidder. In addition to the hammer price, the successful bidder undertakes to pay the auction house, for each lot, a buyer’s premium including VAT calculated as follows: 30% of the hammer price up to € 2,000 25% of that part of the hammer price over € 2,001 and up to € 2,000,000 22% of that part of the hammer price above € 2,000,001 for all auction with the exception of Wine & Spirit auctions: 25% of the hammer price and coins and medals 20% of the hammer price

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