Frequently Asked Questions at Wannenes


How can I know how much an art object is worth?

To find out the value of an object, you can fill in the form you will find online in the Valuation Service section (at this link) of our website. You will receive an estimate within 3/5 weeks from your request. Alternatively, you can contact our Valuation Service directly and ask for a direct meeting with our specialists:

Valuation Service
Giulia Guccione Prata – – tel 02.38 26 33 88


Does WANNENES offer a free valuation service?

Yes, our staff is available to offer free and confidential estimates.


Is the valuation binding for inclusion in the auction?

The valuation is provided to suggest the best auction solution and is not binding.


How can I contact WANNENES specialists?

Our specialists in more than 15 departments are happy to answer your questions and advise you on the various aspects of valuation and guide you in choosing a possible sale. You will find their contact details in the Departments (at this link) section.

For any specific requirements, please contact our Customer Service:

· Genoa – – tel +39 010 253 00 97
· Milan – – tel + 39 02 72 02 37 90
· Rome – info.roma@wannenesgroup,com – tel +39 06 69 20 05 65
· Monte Carlo – – tel +377 99 90 46 26



Where can I consult WANNENES auction catalogues?

You can find all information about upcoming auctions by visiting the Calendar (at this link) on our website. You can also subscribe to our newsletter service to be constantly updated on WANNENES’ activities.


Can I download catalogues from the website?

All auction catalogues are available in digital format (browse, PDF), and include additional images of lots, Condition Reports, and other useful information. Please visit the specific Auction page clicking on the icon at the Calendar (at this link) on our website.

Can I receive the printed catalogue at home?

WANNENES is actively committed to sustainability. For this reason, not all auctions include a printed version of the catalogue. If there is a printed version, you can request it, subject to availability, in the subscription section, or purchase the catalogue directly from one of our locations.



How can I submit absentee bids?

If you cannot participate in the auction in person, there are several ways to submit a bid. You can download the Bidding Form (at this link) from our website, fill it in and send it to our Customer Service (at this link the contact details). Alternatively, you can bid online by creating an account at WANNENES plus and registering for the auction you are interested in. Once this is done, you will be ready to submit a bid before the auction, indicating the maximum amount you are willing to bid, or by participating in the auction in real time.


Is there a predefined form for sending offers?

You can download the Bidding Form (at this link) from our website, fill it in and send it to our Customer Service (at this link the contact details)

Do the offers follow predetermined bid increments?

Bids generally open just below the minimum estimate and follow set increments of around 10% of the value reached at any given time.

How can I send a written or telephone bid if I consult the catalogue on the website?

On the page of each lot, you will find a button “PLACE A BID” if you wish to send your maximum bid before the auction, or the button “REQUEST PHONE PARTICIPATION” if you wish to be contacted by phone during the sale and decide at that moment how much to bid. In both cases, you must first create your WANNENES plus account.

Please visit page WANNENESplus

What are the auction fees for buyers?

The Buyer’s premium, the percentage that is added to the hammer price to determine the total price of each lot, may vary by department. It is important to remember that auction fees do not include transport costs and any local import taxes. You can visit the WANNENES Buyer’s premium table at this link


What documents do I have to provide WANNENES with in order to place my bids in the auctions?

Private customers must provide their personal details and a copy of their identity document. Companies must provide the Company details, identify their legal representative, provide a copy of their company registration document, and indicate the beneficial owner.
In some cases, a bank guarantee or, possibly, a deposit to be paid before the sale may be required.
Our Customer Service is available to provide you with all the necessary information.



What is WANNENES plus?

Once you have activated your WANNENES plus account, you will have access to exclusive functions such as registering for auctions and participating online in real time, viewing additional information on lots for sale and viewing the results of completed auctions.

How can I register for the online auction?

Once you have completed your registration with WANNENES plus, all you have to do is choose the auction or auctions that interest you. On the main page of each auction, you will find the SUBSCRIBE to auction button, and on the tab of each lot you will see the PLACE A BID button. Both options will take you to the registration page where you will find all the instructions to complete your registration.

Do I receive an e-mail confirming my registration for WANNENES plus?

Certainly. After completing the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email. In the mail you will find a link that you shall use to confirm your registration. Please look at the mail in your Spam folder and in your Marketing folder. If the subscription is not confirmed you will not be able to log in.
In case you cannot find the mail, please contact our Customer Service


I am a foreign customer and I do not have a tax code to enter in the appropriate box. What can I do?

The Italian Fiscal Code is a code consisting of 16 alphanumeric characters and serves to uniquely identify individuals in their dealings with public bodies and administrations of the Italian State. Foreign customers who do not have this code must tick the appropriate box indicating that they are not Italian customers.

I cannot attach my identity document. What can I do?

The process of sending bids requires all customers to provide a copy of their identity document. We recommend that you prepare in advance a scan of the front and back, in jpeg or pdf format, weighting up to 2 MB.

Can I participate in auctions from my mobile phone or tablet?

Of course, you can access your WANNENES plus account from either a smartphone or a tablet, and both devices will offer you an optimised version of the website.

How does participation in the web-only auction work?

Web-only auctions take place exclusively online on the WANNENES website.
To register, you must enter the WANNENES plus area with your credentials and fill in the fields you will find on the PARTICIPATE page.
Each lot has a descriptive sheet, the estimate, the current bid and the remaining closing time for placing a bid. Lots will close sequentially at a set time one minute apart. If a lot receives a bid within the last 2 (two) minutes before it closes, there will be an extension of another 2 (two) minutes, so that there is always a period of two minutes between the last bid and the closing of the lot. These extensions may continue indefinitely until the lot receives no more bids. The extension of the closing time of a lot does not change the closing time of the other lots in the sale, so it is possible that they will not end in numerical progression.



Which payment methods does WANNENES accept?

Buyers can pay for the purchased lots by bank cheque, bank transfer, credit card or cash (cash is only accepted for purchases not exceeding €999.99). Please note that not all credit cards are accepted and that there is an additional charge for this method of payment. For further information, please contact our Customer Service.


Is there a VAT refund for non-EU customers?

Non-EU customers may benefit from a VAT refund, subject to full payment of the invoice and subsequent forwarding of the export customs documentation to our administrative office.

Are there any restrictions on cash payment?

Italian legislation limits the use of cash to a maximum of €999.99. For purchases of higher amounts, traceable forms of payment must be used (bank transfer, bank draft, credit card).

Do I receive a confirmation from WANNENES after making the payment?

Upon receipt of payment, our Customer Service will contact all customers to confirm receipt and agree on how to ship the lots.

After purchasing and paying, how can I collect my items?

All lots may be picked up personally by the buyers, or by agents with a written proxy, at the WANNENES locations where the auctions were held. Alternatively, our Customer Service is happy to take care of the shipment of the lots according to the buyers’ instructions. If requested, the Customer Service is available to provide estimates and advice on all shipping and insurance methods.

Is the transport service included in the invoice?

Shipping is an additional cost and is not included in the invoice. We remind everyone that shipping is always at the buyers’ risk and expense and that they must hold WANNENES harmless from any liability in this respect. The Customer Service is available to provide estimates and advice on all shipping methods and insurance.


Where can I consult the price list when the auction has ended?

Auction results can be viewed on the WANNENES website in the PAST AUCTIONS section only if you are registered on WANNENES plus.


Do I need authorisation from the Ministry of Culture to export the lots outside Italy?

The export of works of art outside the territory of the Italian Republic is regulated by Legislative Decree No. 42 of 22 January 2002.
In order to export works over 70 years old, a Free Circulation Certificate (Attestato di Libera Circolazione – ALC) must be issued by the Export Office of the Ministry of Culture. The ALC is required for exports both to EU countries and outside Europe. Purchasers are required to obtain this certificate personally or by commissioning a forwarding agent. Alternatively, WANNENES can, at the request of purchasers, arrange for this to be done on the basis of a fixed fee schedule, but does not guarantee that it will be issued. The time for obtaining the authorisations may vary from a few weeks to a few months.
Failure to obtain the ALC from the Ministry for Cultural Heritage cannot in any case justify cancellation of the purchase. For works that are less than 70 years old or have a value of less than €13,500, the export is not subject to the ALC but is in any case subject to authorisation by the Ministry. In these cases, the waiting time may be shorter, but the export authorisation is not guaranteed by the auction house.

If I am a foreign buyer, can I personally collect the items in Italy?

Foreign customers can collect the purchased lots in person at the WANNENES premises, but this does not exempt them from completing the export procedures at the relevant offices of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, as required by Italian law.

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