Buying at Wannenes

Buying at Wannenes auctions is simple and exciting. Here is how to do it in a few simple steps.


Visit the auction calendar on our website or on the Wannenes app and choose the auction you are interested in. To view the catalogue, you can download the pdf format or consult the browse version. All catalogues are published well in advance of the auction date. If you would like more general information about auctions, please contact our Customer Service (at this link). If, on the other hand, you would like to know more about the details of a specific work, you can contact our specialists directly: please visit the Departments pages (at this link). They will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information, send you condition reports and assist you with valuable advice. In the days immediately preceding the auction, all works are presented for exhibition. Access is free and everyone is welcome! You can directly meet our specialists to exchange ideas and receive useful information such as provenance, condition reports, valuation criteria and much more. If you are unable to get to the exhibition, you can create an account on WANNENES plus to select and follow the works of interest and consult our experts.


Please visit JOIN THE AUCTION page. If you are a private customer, you will be asked for a copy of an official identity document, your residence details and tax code. If the buyer is a company, you will need to provide the company details and the legal representative, a copy of the Chamber of Commerce certificate and the name of the beneficial owner. In some cases, financial references and possibly a guarantee deposit may be required. Once you have received confirmation that your registration has been approved, you can actively participate in the auction. If the lots you are interested in are part of a web-only auction, there is no public viewing before the sale. The auction will take place exclusively online. (see How Wannenes web-only auctions work). If, on the other hand, the works you are interested in are part of a live sale, come and enjoy participating directly in the auction! Once at the auction site, you will have to register in advance with our Customer Service, provide your details, present your identification documents and collect your participation paddle before the auction begins. If you are unable to attend the sale in person, you can choose one of the three additional options we provide:

Absentee bid You can submit a bid using the “PLACE BID” button found next to each lot in the browse version of the catalogue. Alternatively, you can fill in the Bid Form (at this link) that you will find on our website. In the form, you will have to provide the required data and specify the maximum amount you are willing to bid for each lot you are interested in. During the auction, the auctioneer will take your bid into account against those of the other participants.

Participate by telephone You can request to participate by phone during the auction using the “REQUEST PHONE PARTICIPATION” button that you will find next to each lot in the browse version of the catalogue. Alternatively, you can fill in the appropriate Form (at this link) that you will find on our website. You will have to provide your details, your telephone number and indicate the lots you are interested in. Our staff will call you on the phone during the auction to allow you to participate as if you were present in the auction room and you can decide the maximum limit of your bids.

Participate online To participate online, you will need to register at JOIN THE AUCTION page, provide the required credentials and select the auction you are interested in. Once you have received confirmation that your registration has been approved, when the auction starts, you will be able to join the auction in real time directly from your computer or smartphone at JOIN THE AUCTION page. Thus, you will experience the excitement of the auction room and actively participate with your online bidding. We encourage you to register at least 24 hours before the auction starts. Whatever your choice, set the best price and decide how far you want to go!


If your bids have been successful, whether you have participated in a web-only auction or a live sale, you will receive a pro-forma invoice from our Customer Service after the auction, listing the lots you have purchased with the hammer price and auction fees. 

Buyer’s premium We remind you that Buyer’s premium, including VAT, is as follows: 30% of the hammer price up to € 2,000 25% of the hammer price for the part of that price from € 2,001 up to € 2,000,000 22% of the hammer price for the part of the hammer price exceeding € 2,000,001.

Exceptions are:

25% of the hammer price for Wine and Spirits , Book & Manuscripts

20% of the hammer price for Coins, Medals, Phylately

15% of the hammer price for Classic Cars and Motorbikes

For auctions held in Monaco, in partnership with Art Contact: 27% of the hammer price 

Payment Together with the pro-forma invoice, you will be provided with all the details for payment. Payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card or bank draft. Please note that payment by credit card incurs an additional 3% charge and not all credit cards are accepted. Please note that the balance is due within 10 days of receipt of the pro-forma invoice and that the payment must be made by the person or company that made the purchase and not by a different party. 

Shipping Once you have made the payment, you can choose whether to collect the works directly at the auction site or through a delegate, or to arrange a shipment with a courier of your choice or to request a shipping estimate by consulting with our Customer Service. In case of export outside Italy, our Customer Service will inform you about the lots for which it will be necessary to obtain the necessary authorizations from the Ministry of Culture, as well as any bureaucratic requirements for lots subject to the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species C.I.T.E.S permits. 

General Conditions of Sale We remind you that participation in the auction implies full acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale published at the bottom of each auction catalogue and available on our website (Conditions of Sale).

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