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Sparks of beauty

by B.Romanini and T.Scarlata

Uniqueness, flair and beauty are all essential characteristics for watches and jewellery of the highest value and utmost excellence. This is why the finest jewellery awards us with a whole host of unique sensations since it enables us to choose from the finest things that Mother Nature has given us over millions of years and to combine such a choice with the unequalled imagination of expert craftspeople. The mechanical complications and multiple functions of the world’s finest watches are still today, more than ever before, the objects of a collecting élite that is fascinated by these extraordinary objects that measure time for us. In the forthcoming auction of Jewellery and Watches on November 28th three splendid pieces are going under the hammer. Splendid in the sense that these pieces represent the very pinnacle of a highly successful creative period for the Maisons that produced them. The first is a Rolex Chrono wristwatch in steel, ref.4048 from circa 1940, an Oyster case in steel, no. 206277 and signed Rolex Oyster Chronographe Antimagnetique: the Barilotto, the first Oyster with the addition of a third hour counter, the Barilotto, which name reflects the unusual and intriguing shape of the chronograph phusher. The second is a Trombino ring by Bulgari from circa 1950, in platinum, emerald and diamonds, a particularly iconic model for the Roman Maison because it was created in 1932 by Giorgio Bulgari for Leonilde Guilenetti, his future wife, as her engagement ring. Finally, the third is a gold, chalcedony and coral necklace and ring by Van Cleef & Arpels, and dated to approximately 1970. The particular feature of this necklace is that it may be divided and worn as four bracelets with the pendant worn as a brooch.