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Feodor Rückert. la fantasia

Tommaso Teardo

Famed for his exceptional creativity and technical skill in working with enamel as well as for his long and fruitful collaboration with Karl Fabergé, Feodor Rückert was undoubtedly a pioneer and one of the greatest interpreters of the Neo-Russian style. He managed to fuse with grace and imagination the modernity of design and the centuries-old tradition of Slavic taste.

Of German origin, it is not known for sure where and when he was born, but we do know that he spent most of his life in his beloved Moscow, where he had his painting and silver workshops. From the records, we know that he had around 14 craftsmen working for him on his premises and had full control over the creative and production processes of his company. It is thought that the relationship with Fabergé began around 1887, when he opened the doors of his Moscow branch. While his customers in St Petersburg had a love of classical and European style objects, customers in Moscow preferred traditionally Russian designs.

Rückert’s workshop had specialised in cloisonné and en plein enamels since its beginning. With the blossoming of the Russian revival style in the arts, he had begun with the production of traditional Russian designs, integrating traditional flowers and leaves in delicately shaded tones that brought out the details of the workmanship with talented creativity.

Calamaio in argento parzialmente dorato e smalti Mosca, 1899 – 1908, altezza cm 13, larghezza cm 34,5, peso gr 1.445, orafo Feodor Rückert Stima € 10.000 – 15.000