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Wannenes & Phygital Art. Between physical and digital

Wannenes, an international Italian auction house, is about to launch a new initiative: the first web live auction in Italy entirely dedicated to Phygital Art, scheduled for 30 May 2024 at 4pm.

Living in a time of change and innovation, Wannenes wants to introduce its collectors to a new artistic trend capable of bridging the gap between the tangibility of traditional art and the technological potential of NFT.

Indeed, Phygital Art aims to merge the physical and the digital, combining tangible and intangible elements to create hybrid works of art that explore the connection between the real and virtual worlds, opening up new expressive and conceptual possibilities for both contemporary artists and the viewers of their productions.

The auction will be preceded by two exhibitions: one physical and one digital, offering the public an immersive experience. The digital exhibition is intended to be a journey into the abstract and technological dimension of the artworks, while the physical exhibition, which will be held in the Milan venue, will be a journey into the abstract and technological dimension of the artworks.

The selection of 16 works spans classical and contemporary art: illustrations, ancient and modern paintings, sculptures, art objects, 3D augmented reality videos and, of course, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Each lot in the collection includes a digital part together with its physical counterpart or complement, representing the tangible, material interpretation of the work itself.