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Jewellery to love

When she was at the height of her fame in the 1930s, the voluptuous and uninhibited Hollywood star May West loved to say maliciously that “I’ve always had the feeling that a piece of jewellery given as a gift shines much brighter than one you bought yourself”.

After almost a century, now as then, a jewel can be a sparkling promise of love that is perpetuated in time. In the moment it is received, it eternalises the happy amazement, the uncontrollable frenzy, the childish enthusiasm to wear it. A feeling that is always perpetuated, as well as the feeling of the donor.

In the next Web-Only Jewelry auction to be held between May 31st and June 12th there will be many opportunities to choose for a loved one or for yourself, a jewel that will make a moment of your life unforgettable and perfect.