Venice’s light is always contemporary

di Roberta Olcese
Light is the key to discovering Venice. In the year of the Biennale, contemporary art is the protagonist.

Pietro Chiesa. Complex simplicity

by Valerio Terraroli
The rigour of the lines, the neatness of the crystal glass sheets


di Alessandro Secciani
2019 according to the expectations of all financial analysts, was to be a terrible year for the stock exchanges

Notification. Constraint or burden?

by Giuseppe Calabi
Article 9 of the Italian Constitution provides that the State must protect the historical and artistic heritage of the Nation.

Palazzo Strozzi. Free to wander

by Luca Violo
Palazzo Strozzi focuses on the continuity of its cultural proposals, alternating ancient with contemporary art.

MAXXI. The power of art and beauty

by Giovanna Melandri
Since its advent, being a contemporary creativity magnet in Rome, the stage for classical and baroque art

La chiarezza delle idee porta alla chiarezza delle parole

by Tomaso Montanari
“Dear Professor, thank you for the interesting, compelling and moving program dedicated to Caravaggio