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Asian Art

The Asian Art department, with a total of 583,354 euros, 56.6% of sales per lot and 98.2% of value, closed 2018 with very satisfactory results. This was also due to the ever-increasing number of international customers, which represent 91% of turnover.
The imperial dress with dragons and the “twelve symbols”, made in Jifu in the Jiaqing period (1796 – 1820) – the third top lot in the history of the department – was sold at 212,500 euros. A Chinese sceptre in carved, cloisonné zitan of the Qing dynasty, Qianlong period (1736 – 1795), which reached 118.750 euros, stood out. A Tibetan ceremony “Bembaping” vase in pink porcelain with a turquoise background, belonging to the Qing Dynasty, was sold at 93,750 euros. A Chinese “rouleau” vase, in white and blue porcelain, Qing Dynasty, Kangxi period (1662 – 1722) was sold at 32,500 euros. The same result was obtained for an apple-green enamelled Meiping vase, Ming dynasty (1568 – 1644). Finally, a bronze tripod decanter, used for the wine ritual, Shang dynasty, 12th-21th century BC, was sold at 18,750 euros.