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Coins & Medals

2018 proved to be very positive for the department of Coins and Medals, which reached a total of 532,543 euros, with a percentage of sold per lot of 61.4% and in terms of value of 166.3%
Best result of the year, 78,000 euros obtained for a silver teston of the mint of Desana by Pietro Berard (1516-1529): a coin belonging to the gold 100 lire series, Regno d’Italia, Umberto I, 1880, was sold at 26,400 euros, while a 50 cents with 1861 silver coat of arms of the Regno d’Italia, Victor Emmanuel II, was sold at 16,800 euros. A gold 100 lire, 1891, Regno d’Italia, Umberto I, sold at 13,475 euros, and a coin of the same value, 1883, sold at 10,200 euros were also very interesting.
Among the medals, a silver copy of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Leopold II, general council of 1848, was sold at 5,760 euros, while a first minting of the medal of the Thousand, 1860, City of Palermo, was sold at 3,120 euros.