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Furnishings and Decorative Arts

by Mauro Tajocchi

The success of the Department of Furnishings and Objets d’Art was especially satisfying in 2016. During the year it recorded a 20.8% increase in overall sales for a total of 3,708,537 euro, with 71.1% of lots sold and 137.9% of lots sold in terms of value. The top price was for a wooden table with precious stones and red Sicilian diaspro marble, dated to the last quarter of the Eighteenth century, which sold for 235,600 euro. A similar result – at 136,400 euro – was achieved for a polychrome wooden head of St John, a work from the circle of the painter, Il Vecchietta, from the Fifteenth century and for two headless figures in soft stone made by a Tuscan sculptor and featuring Faith and Charity. Lastly, a Romanic capitello decorated with the symbols of the Four Evangelists, made by the Pisan artist, Biduinus, around the year 1200 and coming from the collection of the Turinese antique dealer, Giancarlo Gallino, sold for 120,000 euro.