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Every desire is precious

PREVIEW/ Jewels & Watches / Monte Carlo 16 December 2019

From the garland style to the Art Deco of the 1930s, from the Chinese inspiration to the Tutti Frutti style, up to the present day, Cartier has always been unique and inimitable, like the powder holder that will be showed in the Monegasque auction of Jewellery. Made in gold, platinum, jadeite, pearls and diamonds in around 1910, once again it demonstrates how the maison is capable of admirably composing materials with that elegance and good taste that only the masters of excellence own. In the plaque brooch in gold, platinum, pearls and diamonds of the ‘30s we find that balance in the lively arrangement of elegance, materials and precious stones with the aristocratic whiteness of pearls.

The necklace in gold, rock crystal and diamonds of Bulgari of the ‘70s – whose pendant is embellished with a luxurious antique Chinese door with columns, friezes, and a large stylized ideogram – shows the pleasure of the quotation that becomes the artifice of the goldsmith technique at the service of beauty.