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Information regarding the recording of telephone calls

(according to Art. 13 of Law no. 196/2003 – for the protection of personal information) 1. Processing of information: According to GDPR 2016/679 ART AUCTIONS s.r.l. would like to inform you that telephone calls received at the Information Service number +39 010 2530097 will be recorded so that the quality of the service offered to the caller may be verified and in order that recommendations/complaints/explanations/justifications may be correctly administered – bearing in mind that telephone recordings are not the methods used concerning complaints made about members of staff. In cases in which, during the administering of a caller’s requests and recommendations, a caller is required to provide personal information, we would like to inform you that the telephone recording of this information is solely utilised for the processing and administration of this particular request and for no other reason. We are in no way interested in the recording of any information of a sensitive or judicial nature and we would like to ask you to not provide this sort of information during telephone calls to our Information Service. 2. Processing methods: Incoming telephone calls will be recorded with computerised instruments and with the employment of measures that are intended to guarantee the confidentiality of the caller as well as prevent undue access to third parties or unauthorised personnel. The preservation of recorded telephone calls is connected only to the amount of time necessary to undertake the requests/recommendations of the telephone call, within 30 days from the date of the said telephone call. Once that time has passed, the recordings will be eliminated so that they can no longer be used. During the telephone call, the caller will be notified of the recording by means of a member of staff or a brief recorded message as well as by an acoustic signal. If the caller does not intend to interrupt the telephone call, his or her consent to the telephone recording will be duly presumed. 3. Nature of the providing of information: The providing of information is optional, however it is necessary in order to be able to verify the quality of service given and, if necessary, in order to formalise, accept and manage the caller’s complaint. Without the caller providing such information it will not be possible to satisfy the caller’s requests. 4. Communication and/or circulation of information: Any personal information received will not be passed onto third parties nor will it be circulated (not even to the internal staff of this Company), unless expressly required to do so in cases of legal defence. 5. Transferral of personal information abroad: In no way will processed personal information be transferred abroad or outside the European Union. 6. Rights of interested party/ies: According to Art. 7 of the Law, the caller has the right to: •know what personal information is being processed by the Company, where such information originates as well as the processing (of information) aims and methods; •obtain the cancellation and/or destruction of information processed in violation of the law as well as the adjournment, correction/amendment or integration of said information; •oppose all or part of the processing of information if deemed illegitimate or undertaken solely for commercial reasons. 7. Possessor of the processed information: Possessor of the processed information: ART AUCTIONS s.r.l. , Via Albaro 11 16145 Genoa (GE). Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to write to us at the following email address: ART AUCTIONS s.r.l. Via Albaro 11 16145 Genoa

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