Mario Buccellati is the Prince and the poet of Italian silversmiths. Just like Gabriele d’Annunzio, whom he meets in 1922 and with whom he starts a mutual game of temptation and seduction that gives life to unique pieces in terms of their conception and execution, Mario Buccellati invents, creates, manipulates the materials to create his own imaginative ones, thus satisfying his insatiable thirst for knowledge. He loves luxury and the radiance of jewels, the sumptuous preciousness that becomes absolute beauty in the jewels he makes by hand. A tribute to his superb talent.   

Each piece is unique. Kings, popes, entrepreneurs and movie stars such as Ida Rubistein and Eleonora Duse want them. “Maestro Parogon Coppella”, as Gabriele D’Annunzio used to call him with profound admiration, manages to go beyond the material in order to create true, eclectic and enchanting masterpieces.   

Gianmaria successfully filled the shoes of his father’s legacy. Along the years, he reaffirmed the distinctive style of the brand that combines Renaissance techniques, luxury materials and the use of engraving of the textures.

In the next auction that will be held on May 14th, a silver panther weighting over 2.5 kg will be presented. This item displays the particular technique used to treat the material that recreates the animal’s fur through endless, invisibly welded silver filaments with different length and thickness.