Direttore: Guido Wannenes
Direttore Editoriale: Luca Viòlo
Direttore Responsabile: Alessandro Secciani
Contributi: Luca Massimo Barbero Giuseppe Calabi  Michela Fasce Tomaso Montanari Roberta Olcese  Alessandro Secciani

Dialoguing with mystery

by Guido Wannenes
Le Muse Inquietanti are mysterious and fascinating presences, almost magnetic

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PALAZZO COLONNA Eternal beauty

Patrizia Piergiovanni


by Roberta Olcese
How much is the online sales market worth?

De Chirico, indefinitely metaphisical

by Luca Massimo Barbero
De Chirico resorts to deception, first with paintings from his family childhood and then..

Never seen before! Record highs for the stock exchange. Record lows for the economy

by Alessandro Secciani
If we had had to predict the performance of world stock markets…

Art in the Covid-19 era: a new Renaissance?

by Giuseppe Calabi
The Covid-19 pandemic had a significant and unexpected impact on the art market,

Villa Panza. To be lived and shared

by Anna Bernardini
Villa Panza,whose origins date back to the seventeenth century, is a treasure chest ..

Palazzo Colonna. Eternal beauty

by Patrizia Piergiovanni
What makes walking through the sumptuous halls of a historic residence a unique and fascinating experience?

Michelangelo and the human form of doubt

by Michela Fasce
An exhibition on Michelangelo with the highest number of his original works is almost incredible.

Totems & Taboos. The fluid form of contemporaneity

HoperAperta and 5Vie Art + Design presented the exhibition Totem e Tabù ovvero Il Mondo Capovolto

Knowing our cities to become human again

by Tomaso Montanari
During the days of confinement, which I hope I won’t have to relive again soon, I found myself walking every day…

Picasso. The giant of modernity

by Guido Vitali and Pier Matteo Carnaroli

Royal decor

by Mauro Tajocchi

The eclectic shape of ceramics

by Luca Melegati

Chateau Mouton Rothschild. The archetype of excellence

by Gelasio Gaetani d’Aragona and Alessio Leonardi

Jewels to love

by Benedetta Romanini e Teresa Scarlata

Rolex Perpetual. Immortal time

by Giacomo Cora

Design and harmony between form and function

by Andrea Schito and Giacomo Abate

Giuseppe Valadier and the measure of imagination

by Tommaso Teardo

The parallel renaissance of Italian painting

by Antonio Gesino

Giulio Aristide Sartorio and the art of grace

by Rosanna Nobilitato