Director: Guido Wannenes
Editorial Director: Luca Viòlo
Direttore Responsabile: Alessandro Secciani
CONTRIBUTIONS: Giuseppe Calabi  Giovanna Melandri Tomaso Montanari Roberta Olcese  Alessandro Secciani Valerio Terraroli Luca Violo

Magritte is in Milan

di Guido Wannenes
René Magritte was one of the masters of surrealism and his Le Civilisateur…

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Original & digital

Roberta Olcese


by Roberta Olcese
We are dematerialising our world. The houses of the future will not have walls but digital screens

Le civilisateur. Magritte’s suggested life

by Xavier Canonne
When in December 1965, invited by his lawyer and collector Harry Torczyner, René Magritte

Financial markets. With Trump gearing up

by Alessandro Secciani
At the beginning of October, the S&P500 was at 2,952, quite close to..

Looted art. History restitution.

by Giuseppe Calabi
The barbarity perpetrated in the Nazi era during the Second World War did not take place only …

The look of a connoisseur – Fondazione Zeri

by Andrea Bacchi
The Federico Zeri Foundation has just reached its 20th birthday

Bernardo Strozzi. Colour becomes light

by Anna Orlando
Elegantly dressed like a gentleman, with a sword on his side to show..

The fragile destiny of the Vitruvian Man

by Tomaso Montanari
The story of the loan of Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man to the Louvre

Gianguido Scarampella. COLLECTOR OF WONDERS

Mauro Tajocchi

Shape between functionality and charm

Luca Melegati

Porsche 993 Turbo. A romantic supersports car

James Villa e Luigi Chiaramonte Bordonaro

ALLA CORTE: dress code fra colori e simboli

Alessandra Pieroni

The complex nature of coral

Tommaso Teadro

The eternal light of the Baroque

Antonio Gesino

Il gemito e l’anima

Rosanna Nobilitato

Leger: Moderno con gioia

Guido Vitali, Massimo Vecchia e Pier Matteo Carnaroli

Ettore Sottsass. La fantasia al potere

Andrea Schito e Giacomo Abate

Every desire is precious

Benedetta Romanini and Teresa Scarlata

First Half 2019 Results

15 auctions 13.052.705 euro sold 2.904 sold lots of which 43% to…