Director: Guido Wannenes
Editorial Director: Luca Viòlo
Responsible Director: Alessandro Secciani
CONTRIBUTION: Lucia Borromeo Giuseppe Calabi Bruno Corà Tomaso Montanari Roberta Olcese Alessandro Secciani Timothy Verdon

The Sixteenth Century in Florence with flair and grace – Palazzo Strozzi Firenze

From September 21st 2017 to January 21st 2018 Palazzo Strozzi in Florence…

Lucio Fontana Furthermore

Until February 27th 2018, the Pirelli Hangar Bicocca in Milan is putting…

Inside Caravaggio, the form of reality

Milan is the city which, in 1951, first paid homage to Caravaggio…

V-A-C Foundation A factory of ideas in Moscow

CARNET DE VOYAGE/by Roberta Olcese

Nuvolo back and front

by Bruno Corà
Just after the Second World War, during the process of reconstructing the cultural life of Italy,

Usa. Despite Trump

by Alessandro Secciani
It is indeed true that Asia is increasingly more important in the financial and art markets

Cultural Heritage & Reform

by Giuseppe Calabi
Italy is one of the countries in Europe with the strictest regulation on the exportation of works of art

Sculpture Theater, l’opera del Duomo di Firenze

by Timothy Verdon
Since its inauguration on October 29th, the New Opera del Duomo Museum in Florence

Villa Necchi Campiglio. Classically modern

by Lucia Borromeo
Milan, Via Mozart 14: a historic address in the centre of

Excellence at Portofino

On May 13th, our Wannenes representative in Genoa, Paola Bertolini

Being Open in a Country of Culture

By Tomaso Montanari The beginning of the celebrations for the 70° anniversary…

Furnishings and Decorative Arts

by Mauro Tajocchi

Siver, ivory and Russian works of Art

by Tommaso Teardo

Modern and Contemporary Art

by Guido Vitali, Massimo Vecchia

Decorative Arts and Design

by Andrea Schito

Asian Art

by Alessandra Pieroni

Ceramics & Glass

by Luca Melegati

19th Century Paintings

by Rosanna Nobilitato

Jewels & Watches

by Benedetta Romanini, Teresa Scarlata

Old Masters Paintings

by Antonio Gesino

Antique Textiles and Carpets

by David Sorgato