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Editorial Director: Luca Viòlo
Responsible Director: Alessandro Secciani
CONTRIBUTION: Alessandro Agresti Giuseppe Beretti Tomaso Montanari Alessandro Secciani Luca Violo

Peggy Guggenheim Collection Venezia

From the 12th November 2016 to the 13th March 2017, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice is exhibiting…

Palazzo Reale Milano

“Peter Paul Rubens and the Birth of the Baroque”. The exhibition that will be opening on October 26th at the Palazzo Reale in Milan…

Musée Luxembourg Paris

Fantin-Latour. À fleur de peau”. This is the first retrospective that…

Giulio Paolini. We are all extras.

by Luca Violo
Is the artist a player or a witness? We are all extras, doubles images…

Museums, Business and lost Decorum

di Tomaso Montanari
A full year after his departure, the museum reform undertaken by Dario Franceschini…

Gian Paolo Barbieri. The Theatre of Artifice.

di Serena Guardabassi
What are the emotions that photography evokes for you?
Photography is a magic moment…

There’s a lot worse than brexit!

di Alessandro Secciani
Brexit has befallen the art world with all the lightness of a hippopotamus…

Fausto Melotti Antiscultura tra musica e poesia

di Francesca Pola
The creative language of Fausto Melotti, one of the most important figures of European sculpture…

Farah Diba and the contemporary dream

di Roberta Olcese
“The most important works by Francis Bacon, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and William De Kooning are in Teheran …

Ico Parisi and the lightness of being

Lightness, simplicity and equilibrium were the creative forces behind the 865 armchairs and sofas…

The landscape of the soul vibrates throughout the Nineteenth century

Landscape painting in the Nineteenth century generated a sort of inquisitiveness that…

Truth lies between light and shade

The Naturalism of shade and light in Caravaggio’s works cast a long-lasting and…

The grandest joy

Since it opened its first shop in Rome in Via Sistina 85 in 1884, Bulgari has always been synonymous with excellence…

Beauty in the weave

With a carpet or an antique rug it is possible to understand the history, the taste and the culture of a people who in past…

Happy and Indipendent and Modern

It is good to be independent from any artistic current and from all those influences that have an effect on our artistic formation…

When furnishings become marvels

“The Florentine, Girolamo Ticciati was an excellent poet, architect and exceptionally-talented sculptor, a pupil of Giovanni Foggini”…

Tre secoli d’arte del fuoco

The Department of Ceramics and Glass is planning an important sale of maiolica…

Paul Storr silver shapes the British Empire

Paul Storr was a master of English silverware in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries and created silver objects…

The culture of being a part of things

In Spring 2016, Wannenes was behind two events…

Jewels & Watches

by Benedetta Romanini

19th Century Paintings

by Rosanna Nobilitato

Old Masters Paintings

by Antonio Gesino

Ceramics & Glass

by Luca Melegati

Asian Art

by Alessandra Pieroni

Decorative Arts and Design

by Andrea Schito

Modern and Contemporary Art

by Guido Vitali, Massimo Vecchia

Furnishings and Decorative Arts

by Mario Tajocchi

Siver, ivory and Russian works of Art

by Tommaso Teardo