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Jewels & Watches

The department of Jewels and Watches still attracts the market’s interest, both Italian and international. In 2018, 2,743,771 euros were awarded with a percentage of sales per lot of 53.3% and in terms of value of 119.7%.
Among the best results of the year, a pair of gold earrings with diamonds, awarded for 89,280 euros, stood out. A pair of clip earrings in gold, silver and diamonds, each with an old-cut diamond weighing about 8.00 carats, sold for 81,500 euros, is also worth mentioning. A 9.45-carat gold and brilliant-cut diamond ring was sold for 68,200 euros. Another excellent result by a platinum ring, with a 17.15-carat yellow sapphire and diamonds that reached 43,400 euros.

That’s not all: a gold ring with a 6.68-carat brilliant reached 40,000 euros. A semi articulated bracelet in platinum and diamonds, around 1960, made with a row of forty-one diamonds, was sold for 37,500 euros, while a Patek Philippe wristwatch with gold case and chronograph functions of the late ’40s was sold for 33,380 euros. Finally, a gold ring, with a cushion cut pink sapphire, 8.29 carats, flanked by baguette diamonds and brilliant signed by Bulgari was sold for 30,820 euros. A 5.27-carats diamond ring and tapered diamonds, also by Bulgari, was sold for 25,100 euros.