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Decorative Arts and Design

With 76% of foreign customers, in 2018, the Design department consolidated its international vocation, recording a total of 2,366,582 euros with a percentage of sales per lot of 71.7% and in terms of value of 204.7%.
A set of armchairs by Carlo de Carli from 1954 (mod.802) in brass, wood and padded Fablon, was sold at 47,600 euros, while a set of armchairs by Gio Ponti and Giulio Minoletti for the ETR 300 “Settebello” train, made by Breda in 1952 in 190 pieces, was sold at 32,500 euros. A sofa by Ico Parisi from 1955 (mod. 856) in painted metal and vinyl-leather reached 25,100 euros, and an original wall unit by Gio Ponti from the 1940s was sold at 25,000 euros. Besides, always by the Milanese designer, a table made for the dining room of the motorboat “Conta Grande” in the 1950s was sold at 22,500 euros.


Carlo de Carli Coppia di poltrone mod. 802, Cassina 1954 Aggiudicate a € 47.600