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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower
Steve Jobs

by Guido Wannenes

Giancarlo Gallino was most definitely one of the great protagonists in the history of the art and art collecting market in Italy during the Twentieth century. He was, above all else, a great innovator and was able to change the rules of the profession of antique dealer by reinterpreting the profession with new standards of quality that are still highly relevant today.
It has therefore been an immense honour for our Auction House to have been chosen by the great man’s heirs to sell by auction a part of his collection, including a fondo oro by Neri di Bicci, a work of extraordinary quality and exceptionally well preserved. A decorated capitello by Biduino will also be going under the hammer, a unique example of Italy’s cultural and artistic wealth as told by Vittorio Natale in his opening article.
In our Istantanee section we have chosen three iconic exhibitions, Picasso, Irving Penn and El Siglo de Oro that offer us a Grand Tour of Europe and the United States in search of those three great and different artistic expressions: sculpture, photography and painting.
The varied inter-connections between petrol and art (destined to influence the performance of the art market over the next few years) are at the very heart of Alessandro Secciani’s article, to which a further article is added by Giovanna and Carlo Castiglioni on the creation of the Fondazione Achille Castiglioni along with its design philosophy that sets it apart from other foundations. The article by Giuseppe Calabi and Valentina Favero about the Progetto Apollo points firmly in the direction of a reform of regulations concerning the free circulation of art and cultural works, an area much in need for some time now of enlightened change.
Roberta Olcese, a journalist and television personality on Top Lot has begun to write for the Magazine in this issue with an interview with Stefano Conticelli, a maestro of that style so inherent in those products that are Made in Italy. His creations stand out on account of their exceptional elegance. Tomaso Montanari retraces the recent history of the Museo Ginori, today at the centre of a situation that might only be termed incredible, in all senses.
2015 saw a further period of growth for our Auction House and, in particular, for the Department of Old Masters with Antonio Gesino at the helm. This positive trend has been continuing in 2016 as the excellent results for the March sales have shown, achieving a total of 3,000,000 euro.
We drew the greatest amount of satisfaction from our being the sole Italian auction house to have taken part in the publication of the volume L’art advisory nel private banking. Opportunità e rischi dell’investimento in arte (Art Advisory Services in Private Banking. Opportunities and Risks in Art Investment) curated by Mariacristina Ragazzoni for the AIPB.
The Previews range from the famous Nef in silver to works in maiolica and glass, from medieval statuary to objects from the Grand Tour from a Roman collection, not forgetting the absolute rarity of a double string of natural pearls. Last but not least, there are the splendours of Venice in the paintings from the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries, the immortal modernity of Chinese art and the innovative design of Marco Zanuso for Villa Reggiani.
There are, of course, as many novelties for the auction of Modern and Contemporary Art that will be held for the first time in Milan beneath the splendid backdrop of Open Care, an organisation with whom we have laid the foundation for a highly interesting and synergetic relationship for the future. The catalogue, curated by Guido Vitali and Massimo Vecchia – new in both graphic layout and concept – will be presenting an accurate selection of works ranging from Giorgio de Chirico to Carol Rama and Kenneth Nolan.
We, too, just like Giancarlo Gallino, have always made innovation the most distinctive feature of the way we work.


Coppia di candelieri da altare in rame dorato e corallo
Aggiudicati a € 297.600

Coppia di candelieri da altare Trapani, XVII secolo Stima € 30.000 – 50.000 Aggiudicato a € 297.600
Luca Giordano Vocazione dei Santi Pietro e Andrea Stima € 60.000 – 80.000 Aggiudicati a € 272.800
Ventura da Moro (attr.a) Santi e l’Annunciazione Stima € 150.000 – 200.000 Aggiudicato a € 248.000
Girolamo da Santacroce (attr.a) Allegoria della Geometria e Geografia Stima € 8.000 – 12.000 Aggiudicato a € 148.800
Christo The Mastaba of Abu Dhabi (project for United Arab Emirates) Stima € 110.000 – 130.000 Aggiudicato a € 136.000