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ELIASSON la natura profonda delle emozioni

Tate Modern London

Immerse yourself in the light to know your emotions.

Art for Olafur Eliasson – half Danish and half Icelandic, who lives and works between Copenhagen and Berlin – is a research on perception and movement, in relation to the physical and environmental space that surrounds us.
Nature, half science half report on human life, becomes a perceptive and visual journey to understand the laws that govern the Universe. An intellectual journey of rare coherence lived first hand with passion and social commitment to the destiny of the Earth, which has made his research one of the richest expressive ideas of recent decades.

From July 11, 2019 to January 5, 2020, The Tate Modern in London will celebrate it with an exhibition entitled “Olafur Eliasson. In real life”, curated by Mark Godfret (Senior Curator International Art of the Tate Modern) together with Emma Lewis (Assistant Curator). The exhibition will bring together thirty works created in the last three decades, where the joy of light, colour and space will be dealt together with similar and related topics, such as sustainability, migration, education and architecture. Visitors will thus be transported into an experiential and cognitive dimension of the work of art that penetrates the deepest side of feelings.