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Dialoguing with mystery

by Guido Wannenes

Le Muse Inquietanti – which give the title to de Chirico’s masterpiece, at auction in Milan on the 24th of November – are mysterious and fascinating presences, almost magnetic. With their ethereal plasticity, they seem to be there just to suggest that we must get used to dialoguing with mystery.
This is what we are all doing in this very special 2020. However, we are well aware that the passion for art in all its forms is even more alive and strong.
If the first half of the year saw important price records and widespread interest in each department, the months of September and October recorded very high sales percentages, especially for Old Master Paintings and 19th Century Paintings (1,868,638 euros) and Asian Art (747,074 euros), with a total turnover of almost 4,000,000 euros.

The season will continue with a calendar designed to maximise digital tools. Thus, all customers who cannot get to our Milan, Genoa and Monte Carlo offices will have the chance to experience the same emotions of a live sale.

At auction, in addition to de Chirico’s masterpiece, there will be a rare mixed technique by Picasso, royal furniture and porcelains, refined jewellery by Van Cleef & Arpels and Buccellati, Rolex and Patek collectibles, the best Italian and foreign Design as well as an important silver inkwell by Giuseppe Valadier.
We will end with the Old Master Paintings department, where a selection of works from the fifteenth and sixteenth century stands out. The 19th century Paintings department, on the other hand, will propose a masterpiece by Sartorio, for the first time on sale.
In December, we are planning our second sale of Wine & Spirits, which, with a catalogue of over 1000 bottles, is a real summa of the great Italian and French wines as well as the most sought-after whiskies.
So, if we have to dialogue with mystery, as our fascinating Muses do, I say that we have plenty of topics to talk about.


Christoph Daniel Schenck (Costanza, 1633 – 1691) Pietà
Placca in avorio, cm 20 x 13 aggiudicata a 350.100 euro