ESG. A dream for the markets

Alessandro Secciani
To make the stock markets fly you need a dream.

Heritage: the future of a collection

Giuseppe Calabi
The frontiers of collecting are endless. However, collections..

PAGANI Ignite passion

Interview with Horacio Pagani by Luca Violo
The car is the essence of modernity, the very icon of speed….

ADI. The compass of taste

Interview with Giuseppe Finessi by Francesco Andreucci
Design is an icon of Made in Italy in the world, together with fashion…

The single object. UNIQUE AND PLURAL

During FuoriSalone 2021, Wannenes hosted the exhibition by Hoperaperta

Enchanted by a brief spell

Marco Riccòmini, Francesco Micheli
The world of art has always fascinated connoisseurs, collectors, experts and amateurs.


Tomaso Montanari
Art history is a historical subject and the so-called ruling class…