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Asian Art

In the first half of 2018, the department of Asian Art recorded satisfactory results.
The auction of 12 June totalled 583,354 euro, with a percentage of lots sold of 56.6& and in terms of value of 98.2%. A particularly interesting result was obtained by a yellow silk imperial dress with the “twelve symbols”, made in Jifu during the Jiaqing period (1796 – 1820), sold for 212,500 euro, the department’s third award ever. A carved zitan Chinese cloisonnè sceptre belonging to the Qing dinasty, Qianlong period (1736 – 1795), was sold for 118,750. A rare Chinese rouleau vase in white and blue porcelain, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period (1662 – 1722), was awarded for 32,500 euro. Finally, another “en suite” vase, sold for 30,000 euro just like the apple-green enamelled Meiping vase of the Ming Dynasty (1568 – 1644).