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Asian Art

by Alessandra Pieroni

A highly positive reaction was felt all round for last year’s sole Asian Art catalogue containing objects from different Italian and European properties, including an “Italian Consul in China from 1907 to 1931”, which recorded a percentage of lots sold of 50.5% and 98% in terms of value. The top lot in the auction was an important Guanyin figure in Chinese Blanc de Chine from the 17th century from the workshop of He Chaozong from the years 1610-1640, selling for 93.000 with, in joint place, a rare Chinese “Yen Yen” shaped vase in “Famille Vert porcelain”, Qing Dynasty, Kangxi era (1662-1722), and a red-lacquer box with a Tixi relief motif, Yuan Dynasty (1279-1638) by ‘Zhang Cheng Zao’ both selling for 86,800 euro.



Figura Di Guanyin In Blanc De Chine
Cina, XVII secolo, bottega di He Chaozong, circa 1610-1640
Aggiudicato a € 93.000