Director: Guido Wannenes
Editorial Director: Luca Viòlo
Responsible Director: Alessandro Secciani
CONTRIBUTION: Alessandro Agresti Giuseppe Beretti Tomaso Montanari Alessandro Secciani Luca Violo

Manet, the last of the classics

Palazzo Reale Milano

Bill Viola. Present Renaissance

Palazzo Strozzi Firenze

Balenciaga and the beauty of style

Victoria and Albert Museum London

Astound yourselves, please, but never be shocked

by Roberta Olcese
Is it truly scandalous that an Italian museum exhibits some of its masterpieces on the occasion of an art fair?

The Pictorial Jubilation of Jan Ross

by Anna Orlando
Let’s close our eyes for a moment and imagine a port in the Mediterranean…

Global euphoria

by Alessandro Secciani
Euphoria reigns supreme over the markets.

Fornasetti joy de vivre

by Barnaba Fornasetti
There’s almost certainly in all of us a childish side and in the works of my father…

Heritage Abandoned to Oblivion

by Tomaso Montanari
Andrea De Marchi has spent much time and energy informing…

When a dream becomes substance

A selection of maiolica and porcelain – both from Italy as well…

Fiero Gandolfi and the Art of Good Taste

Winning for Fiero Gandolfi was natural, both in his working life as…

The age-old fabric of beauty

Wannenes Auction House is presenting a new catalogue of important pieces from…

Stroke and Color

The figures by Amedeo Modigliani are linear, ethereal and archaic whether they…

Alla ricerca di una preziosa ossessione

The auction of Jewellery and Watches on May 30th will be offering…

Landscapes and capricci halfway between Reality and Make-Believe

In the forthcoming auction of Old Masters on May 31st four canvases…

COINS like windows on the Past

On the occasion of its first Numismatic Auction, on June 1st 2017,…

in vinum veritas

On June 14th 2017, a superb example of a Chinese three-footed bronze…

Augusto Bozzi e Sergio Saporiti Modern by Vocation

Essential, innovative and experimental: the name of Augusto Bozzi (1924-1982) is strictly…

Siver, ivory and Russian works of Art

by Tommaso Teardo

Old Masters Paintings

by Antonio Gesino

Modern and Contemporary Art

by Guido Vitali, Massimo Vecchia

Decorative Arts and Design

by Andrea Schito

Asian Art

by Alessandra Pieroni

Ceramics & Glass

by Luca Melegati

19th Century Paintings

by Rosanna Nobilitato

Jewels & Watches

by Benedetta Romanini, Teresa Scarlata

Furnishings and Decorative Arts

by Mauro Tajocchi

Antique Textiles and Carpets

by David Sorgato