Director: Guido Wannenes
Editorial Director: Luca Viòlo
Responsible Director: Alessandro Secciani
CONTRIBUTION: Christian Greco Riccardo Lattuada Tomaso Montanari Alessandro Secciani Luca Violo

VOGUE 100: a century of style

Vogue 100: A Century of Style”. On February 11th 2016 (closing on May…

Alberto Burri. Have beyond form

“Alberto Burri: The Trauma of Painting”. For the first time in the…

Giotto. Eternally modern

Giotto, l’Italia. This exhibition concludes the cycle of exhibitions that has been created…

Luca Giordano classically baroque

by Riccardo Lattuada
The image contained within the large canvas unravels against the…

The China Syndrome

by Alessandro Secciani

Turin’s Egyptian Museum. Millennial present.

by Christian Greco
2014 was the year of challenges. Most important was my leaving the….

The Art of Doing Business

INTERVIEW/ Michele Coppola
Intesa Sanpaolo
by Luca Violo

Wannenes & Conticelli for Vintage for Children

Handcrafted luxury ennobles Vintage for Children, already in its fourth edition and hosted…

The death of protection and preservation is our only due

by Tomaso Montanari
As punctual as a (Swiss!) watch, the Minister for Culture, Franceschini, ….

Tsarist Russia in silvery splendor

In the Russia of the Tsars that was competing for splendour and…

Jewellery to Love

In the world of the finest jewellery certain names have become as…

Aubusson Bizarre. The Weave and the Weft of the Orient

The Aubusson carpet with bizarre patterns, with flowers, leaves and shelves on a…

Inventiveness and Truth in the Seventeenth Century

In the history of the Seventeenth century, the Baroque fully represented the complexity…

Solomon Corrodi among Dreams and Memories

The Italian Journey by Goethe is an exemplary book illustrating how Italy was…

Snuff bottles: a breath of imperial air

China boasts traditions and culture that stretch back over thousands of years and developed…

Ettore Colla. Sculpture and the Salvage of Material

Ettore Colla was one of the great protagonists of Italian Abstract Art….

Ico Parisi and the joy of making

Ico Parisi liked to be defined as a Renaissance artist on account…