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19th Century Paintings

In the first semester of 2018, the department of 19th century paintings reached a total of 618,067 euro with a percentage of lots sold of 68% and of lots sold in terms of value of 164,4%. An important work by Raffaello Sorbi, “Lo studio di Fidia” or “Fidia che scolpisce la statua di Minerva per il Partenone”, was sold for 93,750 euro. Raffaello Sorbi studied in Florence with Antonio Ciseri. His works are inspired by the Eighteenth century but also by the Middle Age and, in this case, by the “pompier” style which was very widespread back then. A lively bronze “Ballerina” by Paolo Troubetzkoy was sold for 47,500 euro while a panoramic view depicting “Firenze, veduta di San Miniato”, by the Dutch painter Abraham Teerlink was sold for 32,500 euro. Finally, the refined “Madame Butterfly” by Antonio Mancini, sold for 27,500 euro – where social realism dissolves into a dreamy pictorial style – and a “Paesaggio invernale” by Giuseppe Pelizza da Volpedo before its divisionist phase, which reached 17,500 euro.