88 | premium
In perfect condition, two minor slack gold threads on the neck and on one calf, on the back a very imperceptive sign of folding in threads.
180 cm large, 160 cm high circa
Estimate € 14,000 - 18,000
The rich yellow satin meticulously woven in multi-colored and gold threads depicting nine five-clawed dragons (one on the inner flap) chasing the flaming pearl, on a densely stylized blue wan-pattern ground and amidst clusters of ruyi-shaped clouds interspersed with red bats with peaches in their mouth, shou characters, and the 'Twelve Symbols of Imperial Authority', the bottom and the sleeves embroidered with crashing waves and terrestrial diagrams, clouds and lishui bands, the yellow silk forearms left plain, the dark-blue satin horse-hoof cuffs and collar decorated with sinuous dragons chasing the flaming pearl and bats above cresting waves on a blue wan-pattern ground, with couched gold thread hems, and patterned light blue silk lining.

Provenance: In the family since 1880-1890 circa. It was offered to the great grandfather who lived in China for long periods from 1880 and since then in the family, left as heritage.

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