We inform you that at the registered office as well as at all the branches and warehouses where the employees work, or where interested third parties access in general, Art Auctions srl, with registered office in Genoa, in Via Albaro 11, as Data Controller of personal data, has created/will install video surveillance systems for security, the defense of its legitimate interests and the protection of people and property. In all areas subject to video surveillance, before entering the range of action of the cameras, the appropriate notices have been posted in line with current legislation and the guidelines of the European Personal Data Committee (EDPB Europea Data Protestino Board), which offer a series of information on the purpose of the treatment and on the rights of the interested parties. Therefore, the systems in question have been/will be built for the protection of the company assets and to adopt the appropriate measures to prevent, impede and in any case hinder criminal acts to the detriment of goods or people within the structures pertaining to Art Auctions srl. In general, the systems operate 24 hours a day both during opening and closing hours and are made up of fixed cameras, both inside and outside the business. It should be noted that on 21 February 2017 Art Auctions srl received from the National Labor Inspectorate an authorization provision for the installation and use of video surveillance equipment at the headquarters and subsequently received the individual requests for the operating units. The systems in question are made with cameras and related NVR located at the operating unit. Recordings are available for viewing for a maximum of 48 hours, subject to extension for weekends and public holidays, before being overwritten or for a period of 7 days if required by the relevant investigating authorities. Retention for further periods is envisaged only in relation to offenses which have occurred and have been reported to the Judicial or Police Authorities, in compliance with the limits established by current legislation. In case of access to the images, the Owner must promptly notify the employed workers, without prejudice to the obligation to respect the confidentiality of the investigation which may be imposed by the Authorities. In this context, passers-by in front of the entrances and customers are filmed by the cameras, taking care that the angle of view is in any case limited to the areas strictly pertaining to the Data Controller. The workers of Art Auctions srl who are present on the site can be framed incidentally, but without detailed shots aimed at monitoring specific behaviors of the same. We also inform you that: the images can be used exclusively for the aforementioned purposes; the data processing takes place without the prior consent of the application of the principle of balancing of interests; since it is automatic and generalized filming, the person who enters or circulates in the video monitored areas cannot avoid the filming; the images are not crossed, associated or interconnected with any other personal data collection system; the personal data collected are not communicated to other data controllers, except in the cases already indicated of access by the Authorities; said data are never disclosed; the trade unions or the RSU / RSA can carry out any pertinent checks. Art Auctions srl has designated the External Managers and has identified the figure of the Chief Executive Officer as the person authorized to view the images for the purpose of defending their legitimate interests and protecting people and assets. The Management is available for any explanation or clarification. In particular, Art Auctions srl employees may request to view the authorization provision for the installation and use of video surveillance equipment granted by the National Labor Inspectorate.

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