How does
Absentee bidding work

If you are interested in a lot but you cannot join the auction either on line or in person, you shall login, fill the request form below and send it at least seven hours before the start of the auction of interest. Wannenes Art Auction cannot guarantee to serve requests after that time.

For each lot you will indicate the amount you are prepared to offer and if you want to be called on the phone during the auction. You can select multiple lots from the same auction or from different auctions with the exception of lots that are highlighted with the PREMIUM banner
If you are interested to bid to PREMIUM lots, please contact Wannenes Art Auction offices.

Please note that starting from March 2018 it is mandatory to register a scan of your identity document with Wannenes Art Auctions to be allowed to bid.

To leave your Absentee Bid, please fill the form on this page.